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Monday, February 27, 2012

Chose Your Wedding Photographer Carefully

A couple summers ago I was privileged to photograph a couple named James and Heather (names changed for privacy) getting married in Minnesota. The families were pleased with the photography and the brother of the groom, Brad, contacted me to do the wedding this summer for he and his bride Serena.

I quoted Brad and Serena a wedding photography package that fit their photography needs. After discussing all their options and the terms of the contract, I was saddened to hear a few days later they decided my package was too expensive for their budget. I kindly thanked wished them a wonderful wedding and forgot about the missed opportunity.

About a month after the wedding day, I received an email from a lady named Mary Ann. She was heart broken by the self-proclaim professional photographer who had taken her son Brad’s wedding photography. The mother was frustrated with the quality of his photography. She said that in the outside pictures the faces were too bright and the pictures in the church were so dark you can hardly see the people.

Mary Ann went on to say that many of the poses were also poor having the large chandelier in the auditorium appear like a fishbowl behind many of the people’s heads. Mary Ann’s favorite photo from James’ wedding, was the expression of James’ face when he saw his bride. During the ceremony, the same photographer requested to be the only person allowed to take pictures. Yet the photographer forgot to get a picture of Brad’s face when he saw Serena coming down the isle. The photographer also did not take pictures of the musicians performing and several other key moments of the day.    

Make sure you hire a professional photographer who is experienced and has a strong portfolio to capture the memories for years to come. Here are some questions to ask:

  • What backup equipment do you bring to the wedding?
  • What photography training or education have you completed?
  • How do you decide what pictures are important?
  • How quickly do you promise the photographs edited and delivered?
  • Can I contact some satisfied wedding photography customers?
While the wedding events will quickly end, you will never get a second chance at taking your wedding photographs. After all the sweat and tears (and money) have been spent, what will be left to remember your special day? I trust you chose your wedding photography carefully.

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