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Saturday, November 17, 2012

National Adoption Day

     Recently my wife learned that Adoption Resources of Wisconsin was looking for volunteer photographers to help with picture needs in Wisconsin. While I was excited, I did not know what to expect.
     Looking back, I count it a great privilege to have photographed the National Adoption Day at the Juvenile Justice Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This was a special day in a number of families’ hearts which will change their lives forever for the better.
     While standing in the court room with my camera, I was moved by the love and sacrifice of a young couple’s desire to adopt an African American young boy and girl. The family had around fifty friends and family in the court room to support the judge’s decision. To finalize the legal process, the judge allowed both children on the platform to strike the gavel. 

     In the future I hope to use this opportunity and others like it as a great photography experience for my students at Maranatha Baptist Bible College.
    More pictures from the gallery can be seen here.


  1. Love this post Tim. Thanks so much for sharing. We've been so privileged to be the adopting parents in that court room on three different occasions. The judge (all three had the same judge) was always so nice and took pics at the end. May many more people turn to adoption to grow their families and to spread the Gospel!:)

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